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Window OpenGL Setup Functions

Used to intialise OpenGL on a window when defered setup is selected on window creation.


Function Prototypes

  • void InitWindow()
    Initalises an OpenGL context for the current window.
  • void InitWindow(winHnd window)
    Initalises an OpenGL context for the requested window.

Return Value

  • None

Possible Known Exceptions

  • std::logic_error
  • std::runtime_error

Other Details / Notes

  • If the Window Manager doesnt have a current OpenGL setup it will throw std::logic_error
  • If the setup fails for any reason it will throw std::runtime_error
  • In a single thread program the requested window will be the current window when the function returns, however in a multithread enviroment this isnt garentted, see Key Concepts for more infomation.

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