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The OpenGL Window Framework is just what it says it is, a framework for creating and controlling windows capable of holding an OpenGL rendering context in it.

You might be wondering why we need yet another method of setting up an OpenGL window and I dont blame you, between GLUT, SDL and GLFW you would think all the bases had been covered however there were numerous features of those various systems I didnt like, from the invasiveness of the GLUT framework to the C-style system of SDL and GLFW and the overly long and complex ways of setting up a context and no support for multithreading that I could find. So I looked at the problem and decided it was time for a C++ system to be born to take care of those gaps.

The OpenGL Window Framework (OGLWFW) is the fruit of that labour, the current release took approx. 8 months to come in the world, and currently forefills my aims of a simple interface as well as a more complex system, the ability to create multi-windows and ofcourse multi-thread support.

OGLWFW Features

The OGLWFW unlike other windowing libraries doesnt concern its self with anything beyond making and controlling windows, its up to the end user to deal with loading graphics, making sounds and other things which other libraries can supply you with.

Future Plans

While the framework is perfectly useable as it is and forefills my basic requirements work wont stop there, features I'd like to add beyond the current release are


This library wouldnt have been possible without some help from others

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